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Alicia is a content coordinator for PA’s Tech Company of the Year (WebpageFX).

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Growing a Balanced Link Profile

Growing a Balanced Link Profile

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Growing a Balanced Link Profile

Gardening is very similar to SEO. You have to put a lot of effort in to get a lot out. It’s tedious work and particularly frustrating sometimes when the seed you plant goes to waste or doesn’t grow as beautifully as those randomly in the wild. Sometimes I feel my...

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Five Smart Ways to Network at Your Office Christmas Party

Too many people look at the office Christmas party as a joyless experience. Hanging out with your boss, being forced to make tedious small talk with co-workers you barely know, trying to remember the name of a spouse you’ve been introduced to 15 times before — it can be excruciating...

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Best Website Designs of 2013

2014 has only recently begun, meaning it’s time for developers and business owners to tweak their game plan for the year. In the new year, some businesses may want a new look for their company, which could mean a logo update or a redesigned website. If you’re looking to change...

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How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is the hot social network right now. The site, which allows users to upload photos with pithy captions or hashtags, has seen tremendous growth over the past year. According to a recent study, in 2012 only 13 percent of online adults in the U.S used the site. Last year...

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5 Must-Have SEO Tools

A search engine optimizer is only as effective as his or her tools. In order to keep up with this fast paced industry and still produce excellent results, you need to have a toolkit. A good construction worker always has a hammer by his side and other essential tools that he couldn’t...

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The Most Popular Social Networks Around the World

Ask any American to name the most popular social media platforms and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and maybe YouTube will top the charts. Some people don’t even consider YouTube social media, but that’s what it is. While these four powerful platforms might be popular stateside, but around the world there’s other...

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Cyber Week: In Preview

Thanksgiving is approaching, and for many of us that means so are the feast preparations. However, even more of us look forward to this time of year to score stellar deals on high-end electronics, apparel and – not surprisingly – pretty much everything. So, with cyber week within reach, we...

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New Tips for Boosting your Workplace Productivity

While more and more businesses are making it a priority to foster an environment that allows employees to focus and prevent burnout, ultimately productivity is still each individual’s responsibility....

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Five Ways to Promote Your Webinar

When it comes to putting a webinar together, the most important step is publicizing when it’s going to happen. If you don’t promote it properly, very few viewers will tune in – essentially making your efforts worthless. Though it’s no secret that self-marketing can be difficult, here are five surefire...

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What We Know (and Don’t Know) About the Apple iWatch

Rumors of an Apple smart watch have been floating around for years, but it has only been in recent months that speculation has started to really heat up. As with all things out of Cupertino, details about the iWatch are still shrouded in mystery and can be expected to stay...