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Alicia is a content coordinator for PA’s Tech Company of the Year (WebpageFX).

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How PR pros can get better at thinking on their feet

Public relations professionals exhibit a unique set of skills that makes them great at their job. They have to be excellent communicators, level-headed, strategists and most of all, they have to be able to think on their feet. But not all of those things come naturally to PR pros.  Whether...

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How to find a journalist's email address: 4 FREE tools to make media list building easy

Finding a journalist’s email address can sometimes feel like digging for a needle in a hay stack. During my first internship, I was given the arduous task of building a media list for a client. It took me close to an hour to find those first 10 contacts. I felt...

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5 reasons we love working in PR

Valentine’s Day has arrived. It’s a day associated with love. Being able to honestly say you love your job is a beautiful and fortunate thing. Although public relations is one of the toughest and most time-consuming jobs, those who embrace the PR vocation love it and here are a few reasons...

What to do when the media doesn't pick up your press release

No matter how long you've worked in PR, this has probably happened to you: after going through the effort to create a newsworthy pitch and put together a relevant media list, you don’t receive a single pick up from the media. However, there are still plenty of ways to put that...

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The 10 most popular Muck Rack posts of 2013

Happy New Year! Before we officially say hello to 2014, let's send off 2013 in style by taking a look back at some of our most popular posts from the past year. Here are the 10 most popular feature content posts on Muck Rack in 2013: 1. Journalist to PR...

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Muck Rack's monthly top picks: 6 links we loved in September

It's officially fall! Before we jump headfirst into October, pumpkin-flavored everything, tricks and treats, let's take a look back at some of the top posts in the PR and journalism space online from the past month. 1. Five tips to get last minute media coverage: Need to get media to your event...

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Five must-have qualities of stellar PR pros

When it comes to filling open positions at your PR firm or company, you want to choose individuals that not only have the necessary skills, but also have the willpower to live up to their potential. That said, it can be difficult identifying the best traits in a potential candidate....

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Don't ditch my pitch: 5 ways to get a yes from an editor

Pitching your ideas to journalists, editors and bloggers is important if you want to have your content published online. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to convince blog owners and editors to host your content. This often has nothing to do with the quality of the content itself—rather it’s how you...

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Brand journalism: how to own your audience and create your own news

Branding and journalism go together like peanut butter and celery. That is to say, for some people it’s a delicious combination; for others it’s off-putting. That’s part of the reason brand journalism has been seeing such strong interest these days. It’s an outreach effort that the brand can control, rather...

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A crash course in becoming an expert in your client’s niche

As any ventriloquist can tell you, speaking in someone else’s voice isn’t easy. In public relations, we often find ourselves speaking on behalf of, or even instead of, our clients. We’re expected to present their informed and insightful opinions on a range of subject matters, via quotes to the media,...

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5 cardinal rules of interacting with journalists and influencers on Twitter

A recent study from the School of Journalism at Indiana University shows just how much Twitter has become a driving force in the news we consume. More than half of the journalists surveyed said they use microblogs like Twitter for collecting information and reporting. Forty percent of journalists responded that...

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Create a solid communications strategy with these four tips

A bridge is only as beneficial as the traffic flow that it can produce. What good is a one-way bridge if there is no way back? You’ll end up with a lot of angry travelers barking at the gate. The same goes for your communication strategy. I know this article...

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Muck Rack's monthly top picks: 5 links we loved in September

Whether you like it or not, fall is here and we're charging on into the last three months of 2014! (Can you believe that?!) While you're soaking up these gorgeous autumn days, take a moment to check out our five favorite PR/journalism posts around the web in September. Also, read on to discover the...

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Is brand journalism a bunch of bull?

Most folks would consider me a brand journalist. Since I oversee the blogs for my employer, SpareFoot, and am a former newspaper journalist, the expression would seem to fit. But because I work in the marketing department of SpareFoot and don’t work for a traditional media outlet, can I really...

Muck Rack

2 days ago ... Muck Rack monthly contributor Alicia Lawrence details ways to reach them better on the social media site. Click over to the Muck Rack blog to ......