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Alicia Lawrence

I'm a Blogger and Content Creator

Alicia is a content coordinator for PA’s Tech Company of the Year (WebpageFX).

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Spin Sucks

Competitor Analysis: Four Keys to a Successful Strategy by @Alicia_Lw

You wouldn't compete in in a game without knowing the judging criteria. So don't create a PR or marketing plan without competitor analysis. Read on......

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Spin Sucks

Brand Ambassadors: How to Find and Engage Them by @Alicia_Lw

In a digitally connected world where everyone has the potential to be an influencer, finding and working with brand ambassadors is an important strategy....

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Spin Sucks

How to Increase Your Response Rate in Outreach by @Alicia_Lw

Whether you're pitching bloggers or traditional journalists, use these tips to increase your outreach response rate and get more coverage....

Spin Sucks

Focus Group: Five Tips to Help Marketers by @Alicia_Lw

Focus groups are a critical part of a campaign’s success, yet many marketers fail to use them. Read on for five tips to help you hold a killer focus group....

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Spin Sucks

Writing Pixelated: Visual Content for Generation Y by @Alicia_Lw

Generation Y wants visual information online, and they want it fast. We explore the many ways you can add visual content to your marketing efforts....

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Spin Sucks

The Spin Sucks Brand Ambassador Program: A Case Study

The launch of Spin Sucks is finished and we have a case study on how to build a brand ambassador program. We cover the plan, the results, and the lessons....